When the summer heat is bearing down, make sure your home’s A/C system is ready to fight back to keep you cool. But, before the weather strikes, ensure that your system is up to par. Although it might’ve worked fine last year, this is a new year and things may be different. If you need an ac repair conroe call the professionals at once and heed the information below.

Keep the HVAC condenser clear of debris, brush, etc. When mowing the lawn, be sure to wrap up the AC to prevent clippings from accumulating on the unit or clean it when done. Debris and other dirt clogging the unit reduces airflow and system functionality. Thus, the unit works harder to provide the cool air you want.

Every AC need to have a filter replacement each month. The filter change will prolong the life of the unit and keep the air inside the home crisp, cool, and fresh. New filters also improve efficiency so you pay less to cool the home. With such benefits, you owe it to yourself to change the filter on a regular basis.

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Keep the coils in the unit clean. They do become dirty and when they do, air flow is reduced and your unit suffers in a number of ways.  A dirty environment causes the coils to become dirty. Along with dirt, the coils in the AC unit can bend, crack, or break, further causing trouble that should be repaired as soon as possible.

Schedule an annual tune up with the local repair company to keep the air conditioning unit working properly. The tune-up is provided by professionals who inspect the unit, looking for frayed wires and other signs of damage and wear and tear. These problems are then repaired, minimizing the risk of unit damage and summer discomfort due to an improperly working unit.

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