You have a nice, big garage in a brand new or existing home and you want to protect the floors in a good way but you do not really know off the top of your head how to do it. Never fear, epoxy is here. It is the ideal type of floor coating that you need to have.

Chicago garage flooring

Smile, Don’t Tile

While you may be under the impression that using tile is going to be the best way to cover and protect your floors, you are slightly mistaken. Tile is all well and good, but consider a more innovative Chicago garage flooring option that is definitely going to last for the long haul.

Tile may look nice in the beginning but it does not stay that way, especially with a shifting slab underneath it. The tiles will shift and crack and grout will become cracked and stained. That is not what you have in mind for a long term solution. Epoxy is the best choice.

A Better Moisture Barrier

One of the main advantages of epoxy resin floor covering is what a good moisture barrier it is. Absolutely no moisture will ever be able to make it up through the slab into the garage in such a way that will contribute to mold and cracking of the slab.

This is the ideal way to go for any good home or business for that matter. You can have a nice, easy to clean, moisture barrier floor that retains its color and luster for decades.

Consistent Reliability

The other thing about an epoxy flooring system is how reliable it is. It is highly durable, able to stand the rough and tough exposure it is going to take over the years. It will not crack and it will not fade at all. It can handle literally thousands of pounds moving on it.

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